Leather Repairs

We can repair and  ‘re-connolise’ upholstery, in-situ.

This is an example of a seat scuff – these scuffs are quite common in cars over a few years old:

car-seat-before from Scuffs'R'Us

and this is the same seat after our repair – good as new!

Some leather scratches on a Maserati:

Before – scratched cream leather:

Maserati-leather-before from Scuffs'R'Us

during the repair…

Maserati-leather-during from Scuffs'R'Us

and after… good as new.

Maserati-leather-after from Scuffs'R'Us

And a pair of seat pads, before and after being reconnolised:

car-seats-before-and-after from Scuffs'R'Us

car-seats-before-and-after-2 from Scuffs'R'Us

car-seats-before-and-after-3 from Scuffs'R'Us

Another, well worn Bolster

Worn Bolster before repair by Scuffs R Us

and then repaired

Repaired Bolster by Scuffs R Us

Of course it’s not only car seats that get scuffed, we can also repair leather furniture in your home.

Heres an example of a sofa that’s had a bit of wear :

cream-sofa-before from Scuffs'R'Us

And afterwards… again as good as new.

cream-sofa-after from Scuffs'R'Us

please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any leather upholstery repairs.