Smart Repairs

So, what is a smart repair?

Basically it’s a sensible repair.

A repair that’s carried out without putting you or your insurance company to any trouble, saving everybody a lot of money.

Minor Bodywork Scuffs and Dents :

By concentrating on only the damaged area and not having to respray whole body panels we can provide a cost-effective solution for dealing with scuffs, scratches and other minor damage which most motorists seem to collect on a regular basis.

Trim and Upholstery :

It’s so easy to scuff and scratch interior trim and upholstery. Our smart repais can bring your car’s interior back to showroom condition.

Alloy Wheels :

Scuffed, tarnished and scruffy wheels can really spoil the look of a good car. Replacing an alloy wheel can cost hundreds of pounds, but our alloy wheel refurbishment service can save you serious money, while making your wheels look as good as new.

Fully Insured :

Of course our work is fully insured, and your satisfaction guaranteed.